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You don’t want to be reminded that your car has been in an accident. That’s why we use the state-of-the-art Cromax, a Axalta Coating System. Today's factory finishes incorporate multiple layers of highly specialized paints and demand special skills and technology for proper application.


Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality paint systems available represents a major investment in assuring your satisfaction. We constantly upgrade our technology and equipment to insure that your vehicle's finish matches its original factory specifications. 

Pictured here is a paint preparation area and some various stages of the peocess. Here we prepare your vehicle for painting by sanding and applying primer and sealer. 

After careful surface preparation including hand sanding and covering non-painted areas to prevent over-spray, your vehicle is then painted. Finally our sealed paint system "cures" your paint in less than 12 minutes using a combination of zero humidity and forced-air circulation. 

Once your vehicle is finished in the sealed paint system, it is sent back to this area to cool down before being returned to the body shop for reassembly. 

North Columbus Collision Center is proud to say we’re “Eco Friendly”!  What makes us so eco-friendly? For the most part, its our use of environmentally-friendly paint that we use on the vehicles. Axalta Coating Systems is a world-wide leader and has been developing, producing, and marketing coating systems for more than a century.  Axalta automotive coatings is used by numerous OEM production facilities.

By using a water-based paint, we can help reduce harmful chemicals from entering the environment. More importantly, for you as a customer, it means we’re able to complete a job for a lower price, use less paint, and still provide the excellent quality of service you’ve come to expect from North Columbus Collision Center

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