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Your Vehicle...Your Choice!

If you have an accident with your vehicle, it is your choice to take your vehicle where you want it to be repaired, not your insurance company’s choice.  Whether it be your fault or you are a claimant and someone else has hit you, it is still your vehicle that has been in an accident and it’s your choice by law in the state of Georgia, Alabama and many other states. Watch this short video from Edwin Rose, owner of North Columbus Collision Center, on the importance of your choice.

North Columbus Collision Center has relationships with the majority of the automobile insurance carriers in our region and our staff is well versed on all documentation needed for your insurance and claim process.  We work for you, but with your insurance company, with the goal of making the repair process straightforward and seamless. We ensure that this process is as timely as possible, so that your life can get back to normal.   

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