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Protecting your Vehicle Investment!


Did you know that the resale value of your vehicle is affected even after you have had it properly repaired?

This is due to the fact that most Body Shop warranties become void if you sell, trade or even if you change insurance companies. Many Body Shop warranties are only available locally, so if you move, your warranty may not go with you! In addition, every year hundreds of Body Shops are sold or go out of business, which can also leave you without a warranty.

So, how do you protect your vehicle investment when you have an accident?

You choose a collision center that is NTLW verified and offers a National Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

The NTLW protects and ensures you higher vehicle resale value, nationwide coverage no matter where you move, and it is transferable. By selecting a NTLW verified shop, you can rest assured you are covered, because the NTLW facilitates and bonds every warranty.

At North Columbus Collision Center, we believe you are entitled to the most comprehensive protection program for your vehicle and are proud to provide this level of warranty on all of our repairs. We are committed to taking care of your automotive repair needs through quality workmanship, superior service, and dedication to detail in everything we do. After all...You are driving home our reputation!

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