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What are Your Chances of Hitting a Deer?

Deer in the Headlights!

Drivers in Georgia and Alabama are all too familiar with deer crossing signs. They know too the deer danger that lurks beside or on roads and highways.

The 15th annual State Farm® deer claim study helps define that danger for drivers. It ranks states by the potential likelihood a driver has of hitting a large animal, like deer, elk, moose or caribou. Georgia and Alabama are both ranked as a high-risk state with chances of hitting a deer in Georgia being 1 in 122, and Alabama 1 in 131.

Chances of Hitting a Deer in My State

Mating season more than doubles the likelihood of collision with a large animal. So be especially alert during the months of October, November and December - deer mating season. Whether you hit a large animal, or it jumps into the side of your vehicle, such collisions can cause significant injuries and property damage. No matter where you live, it’s important to remain alert. Keep your eyes up and focused on the road. This helps you take action in the event a deer is suddenly in your path.

Some other tips to help keep drivers safe include:

  • Slow down, particularly at dusk and dawn.

  • If you see one deer, be prepared for more deer to cross the road.

  • Pay attention to deer crossing signs.

  • Always buckle up - every trip, every time.

  • Use your high beams to see farther, except when there is oncoming traffic.

  • Brake if you can, but avoid swerving. This can result in a more severe crash.

  • Remain focused on the road. Scan for hazards, including animals.

  • Avoid distractions. Devices or eating might cause you to miss seeing an animal.

  • Do not rely on products such as deer whistles. They are not proven effective.

  • If riding a motorcycle, always wear protective gear. Keep focus on the road ahead.

There is also an increased risk of collision with deer around dawn and dusk. Drivers should be engaged, alert and on the lookout at all times. You never know when you may need to react to a deer or other obstacle that may cross your travel path.

*Images and excerpts from original article titled "Deer Drive Damage Costs Up" posted on dated 10/2/17.


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